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TV SERIES / Action Drama

“Morning Glory”

Someone from her past offers a world-weary mercenary the gift of a new life, but when she discovers a murderous connection between that life, the Highway of Tears, and the mysterious faction who seek to destroy her, she realizes she must resolve the conflicts from her past in order to build the future she most desires.

Selected for the WIFTV Emerging TV Producers mentorship 2022!

Pilot episode – “Rise and Shine”
Screenplay by Leah Flagg & Nicole Schindle.

TV SERIES / Thriller Drama


A woman returns to the family whose inability to uphold boundaries has wreaked havoc on their community and jeopardized the integrity of the land; when the watershed collapses and half the community’s homes are flooded, she finds herself pushed into conflict and a leadership role she doesn’t want, in order to rebuild and transform both her family and the community.

Short Listed (Top 20) for the Pacific Screenwriting Program’s Scripted Series Lab 2023!

Pilot Episode – “The Sound of a Man’s Laughter”
Screenplay by Leah Flagg

RPG Game & TV SERIES / SciFi Fantasy Adventure

“Dreaming The Revolution”

Two Dreamers eons apart, able to walk between worlds – and times; two upheavals caused by one tribal clash; a revolution thousands of years in the making. Their journeys of discovery and mastery unite them, but that monumental achievement may still not be enough to save Humanity from itself.

Immersive RPG & TV series

Adventure / SciFi / Fantasy
Created by Leah Flagg


“Cowichan Kids”

Go adventuring with Enzo Owl as he explores the world and immerses us in his language – Hul’qumi’num!

Created by Leah Flagg and Wepatook “Darla” Pagaduan

— Working, playing, living on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish People, the Hul’q’umi’num speaking Stz’uminus (Chemainus) First Nation and in particular, the Puneluxutth (Penelakut) tribe. —